Case histories have been provided by my mentor, Dr. Robert Morse, N.D in order to give you some examples of the power and strength of the God’s Herbs formulas, especially when coupled with a raw food program!  And to help you understand how powerful detoxification can be regardless of the name of the condition and type of symptoms you're experiencing.  

It all comes down to getting the cells of the body healthy again.  Period.

All individuals in these case histories:

  • Engaged in a personalized detoxification program
  • Ate an 80-100% Raw Food Diet
  • Started with a 2 week general detox of God’s Herbs formulas: Liver/Gallbladder, Kidney/Bladder, Lymphatic, Endocrine Glands, Parasite G, Parasite M, and Stomach & Bowels
  • After the initial 2 weeks, their specific weaknesses were systematically addressed using a more targeted herbal protocol including 7-8 herbal formulas every 2 weeks.  Length of individual protocols noted below. 


(Case Histories also available for Download )

High Blood Pressure/Arthritis

Individual: 70 year old, white female.
Diagnosis: Rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension.
History: Hysterectomy, tonsillectomy, gallbladder removed, appendectomy, poor circulation.
Recovery Time: 2 and 1/2 months.

End Results: Blood pressure range of 130/70, arthritis 350 removed, 80-90% greater bone density, mangled fingers and toes become straight again, 100% gray hair went to 70% black (her original hair color).

Type II Diabetes

Individual: 78 year old, black female
Diagnosis: Diabetes, hypertension, bowel weakness.
History: Post-stroke, diabetes, hypertension, parasites, hypothyroid.
Recovery Time: 2 months.

End Results: Diabetes and her hypertension are gone. Bowel weakness has greatly improved. Absorption has greatly improved thus improving her overall nutrition giving her increased energy.

Individual: 77 years old, black female. Diagnosis:
History: Constipation, high cholesterol, nervous breakdown, hysterectomy, appendectomy.
Recovery Time: 2 months.

End Results: All tests show her diabetes and high blood pressure are gone. Sugar stabilized between 85 and 110. Blood pressure close to 130/65.


Individual: 65 year old, white female.
Diagnosis: Over 30 non-malignant tumors completely wrapped around her legs from her knees to her ankles, both legs.
History: Heavy daily drinker with swollen lymph nodes and congestion throughout.
Recovery Time: 2 and 1/2 months.

End Results: Two small tumors still visible.

Facial Paralysis

Individual: 39 year old, white male. ?
Diagnosis: Right-sided facial paralysis.
History: Individual fell 150 feet at the age of 16. The result was right-sided paralysis. Through the years, he gained mobility back in his limbs, but facial paralysis remained.
Recovery Time: 2 months

End Result: Right-sided facial paralysis is gone.

Liver Failure

Individual: 48 year old, white male.
Diagnosis: Degenerative cirrhosis of the liver
History: Long term (25 years) alcohol abuse, severe skin toxicity, hyperthyroid, liver damage (prolapsed bulging around the rib cage), long term use of Prozac.
Recovery Time: 3 months.

End Results: Liver strong and firm. Cirrhosis gone. Skin has tightened and toned. Individual off all anti-depressants and lost 65 pounds.


Individual: 37 year old, white female.
Diagnosis: Lung cancer.
History: Chemotherapy, radiation therapy on grapefruit size tumor in left lung.
Recovery Time: 3 and 1/2 months.

End Results: Tumor gone, tissue 80% normal, cancer markers below, low range.

Individual: 35 year old, white male.
Diagnosis: Stomach cancer.
History: Over 15 year history of ulcers and ulcer treatment, irritable bowel syndrome.
Recovery Time: 2 months.

End Results: Cancer markers fall below detection. Total recovery.

Individual: 50 year old, white female.
Diagnosis: Breast and bone cancer.
History: Breast cancer, chemotherapy and radiation, the cancer metastasized to her bones, stem cell replacement therapy (very unsuccessful).
Recovery Time: 12 months.

End Results: Cancer markers are within normal ranges. Most tissue damage gone.


Individual: 80 year old, white male. Diagnosis: 100% occlusion in the right carotid artery and 85% in the left. History: Over 20 surgeries including two open hearts, cancer, COPD. Recovery Time: 6 months.

End Results: Down to a 20% occlusion in both the right and the left carotid arteries. Client has some shortness of breath left, however he can put in a full days work without getting tired.

Bone Regeneration

Individual: 52 year old, white male.
Diagnosis: Quadraplegic.
History: A 36 year old C-4/C-5 spinal cord injury. A fall 12 years previously fractured his right femur (unset). His right femur healed at a 30 degree angle pulling his leg up two inches. UTI's, cellulitis. 
Recovery Time: 8 months.

End Results: No more UTI's or cellulitis. His right femur has straightened and increase by 1 and 1/2 inches. His spine also completely straightened.

Neurological Regeneration

Individual: 30 year old, white female.
Diagnosis: C-3 /C-4 spinal cord injury (quadraplegic)
History: Typical quadraplegic problems: UTI's, yeast infections, poor blood circulation, atrophy of tissue throughout, locked lungs, elimination problems, constant spasms, high/low blood pressure, immobility. Recovery Time: 12 months.

End Results: Many unbelievable changes. The most significant was her spine which was completely severed, now has total body feeling and movement. Also the regeneration of the ovaries and uterus, she